TRN Systems Inc., is part of Diversity Business’s Top 2013 Businesses. TRN Systems Inc., has been recognized as one of the leading multicultural companies in the United States since its inception in 2002. It has been a long journey of some of the memorable moments at TRN Systems Inc., as part of its Vision and Mission.

This is the 13th Annual compilation of the United States Top businesses by Over 650,000 businesses had the opportunity to participate and the top companies were picked based on gross revenue and business profile. Winners are sought after by major tetions wishing to increase spending with small businesses. representatives notified TRN Systems Inc., of this Annual compilation which would get due recognition to TRN Systems for participating in this Annual compilation. This invitation for participation for being one of the distinguished entrepreneurs in New Jersey and if selected would be the most deserving award for TRN Systems Inc.

“We are honored to participate in Top 2013 Businesses in the United States,” said Rajiv Nelson, President of TRN Systems Inc. “This affirms our confidence and focus on delivering value and services that will benefit our customers and partners at par with Industry Leaders. TRN Systems Inc., continues to build company by investing in key personnel that bring unparalleled industry knowledge and expertise with the skills to deliver complete solutions or to staff specific gaps where our clients need our help”.

TRN Systems Inc., is a global leader in providing System Integration to corporate customers. “TRN Systems Inc., has a vision for our clients, which we call “Redefining Partnerships” said Rajiv Nelson, TRN Systems Inc., President. It provides a comprehensive and integrated view of services, applications, information, commerce and tools; organized and aggregated to facilitate effective and efficient business transactions for the enterprise look”