Without a shred of doubt, a business that operates in the retail industry is a primary candidate to reap the benefits of cloud technologies. The modernization of the infrastructure with the help of the latest cloud technologies is prone to significantly improving the efficiency of specific operations, as well as beefing up the overall growth and performance of a retail business. If you are interested to learn more about the way a clothing store or some other type of a retail venue could benefit from the cloud, these next few lines should shed the light on the topic.

Cloud Technologies Cut Operational Costs

The retail industry is a highly competitive one. Fresh venues see the light of day on a constant basis. Looking for new and smart ways of cutting operational costs is one way of boosting profits and keeping up with competitors. Cloud-based technologies can help actors in the industry save money through a series of apps, including:

  • simplifying sales operations via cloud monitoring

  • real-time inventory tracking with the help of retail-as-a-service solutions running in private clouds. This includes stock availability, shipping and store orders.

  • connecting different shops and stores with the help of virtual resources

  • improved data access resulting in enhanced analytical capacities. Data analytics based on information pulled from online sources, social media and search engines included can trigger decisions that rely on real numbers. This data can tell you exactly what products to manufacture and sell next and get rid of the guessing job.

Cloud Technologies Can Boost Sales

Retailers compete in a huge marketplace that has started to be more and more controlled by mobile devices. In fact, over 30 per cent of global commerce occurs on mobile devices. With more than 80 per cent of customers using their smartphones and other mobile devices to make a purchasing decision, it is easy to see why adopting a mobile-based mindset will lead retailers to succeed.

Anything from offering free WiFi in a store to creating mobile in-store coupons and special sales will attract more customers and increase sales. The cloud technology can contribute to creating a seamless shopping experience, no matter if we are talking about an online shop or a brick-and-mortar store.

Cloud Technologies Simplify Product Management

Often times, retailers will try to guess what products to sell or make next. As expected, mistakes are made, money and precious time are lost, and the process needs to be started over. Its a trial and fail type of a method that can be successfully replaced with the help of data analytics via the cloud. With the help of data from internet retailers, as well as social media platforms and the biggest search engines, retailers can make more informed business decisions hassle-free.

Once a product category or service has been identified as trending or on high demand now or in the near future, the retailer can immediately put it out for sale in a few days, using their website. Leveraging smart data is, therefore, an excellent strategy for simplifying product management and increasing sales at the same time.

The Use Of Geo-Fenced Appscloud technology

With the help of geo-fenced apps that enable retailers to send out alerts and reminders on customers' phones, they can let them know all about their upcoming promotions/deals/special prices. This can be done via push notifications and text messages, and it can also lead to getting a clearer view of customers' preferences and tracking their shopping history a lot more efficiently. The respective information can be next used by nearby staff members inside a store or by online store employees. They can promote the products/services a loyal customer loves to buy more often or promote certain deals they might like to hear about.

Better Inventory Management Via Cloud Technologies

This spectacular technology also enables retailers to manage their inventory a lot smoother. With the help of a private cloud solution, a retailer can complete real-time tracking of the inventory. This includes anything and everything from available stock, store orders or shipping data. Once the inventory is streamlined with the help of a cloud solution, retailers can better focus on improving their customer service.

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