TRN offers a portfolio of mobile application services to help organizations design develop and deploy mobility solutions. Our custom developed user friendly and easy to manage application solutions are designed for consumers and business users and helps reduce the cost, time and risks in readying business solutions.

Mobile Application Strategy & Design

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  • By identifying key success factors and enablers for higher adoption among stakeholders, we help our customers define their mobility roadmap.
  • We hand-held organizations to choose the right technology platforms, architecture and components required for a reliable, scalable and sustainable growth of mobility initiatives. We brainstorm with our customers in assessing the emerging technologies for present and future business needs.
  • Mobile designing is not just about looks but also the functionalities and TRN’s experts collaborate to make sure of it by building usable, friendly and intuitive applications that are equally stunning to look at.
  • We enable organizations with the necessary guidelines and standards, for rich and easy to use mobile application user interface design. Our belief is that design and engineering must work hand-in-hand to produce great products. Once the design is approved by the customers, we work with our engineers to ensure that the application meets our customers design vision.

Mobile Application Development

  • TRN has a deep custom development experience and rich experience in multi-platform solutions to create a mobile site using HTML5 or a native app for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile
  • We help our customers to plan, design, develop, deliver and maintain mobile applications as well as the infrastructure required by them
  • We provide Services to collect, consolidate and analyze the data through the mobile channel as well as provide ongoing product development and maintenance services

Mobile Testing & Maintenance

  • TRN Systems carries out thorough testing of mobile application through our robust frameworks and test
  • We help organizations adopt the right practices and guidelines for the deployment and maintenance of applications
  • We also help customers with migration of their existing mobile applications to new platforms. This is done through ownership of migration process, including automation tools, verification methods, data integrity check and user interface guidelines