• Generate new revenue
  • Grow a customer base

Keys to Success

  • High quality development skills
  • Strategic planning and setting up the proper partnerships
  • Strong technology, involving substantial and useful enhancement to existing IO boards
  • First to market, rapid development and penetration of market to enhance visibility to potential acquirers

Product Introduction

With technology evolvement at its best in recent years, mobile application solutions play an important role by presenting itself in people’s day to day activities which paves a way for them to live in a convenient environment. The proposed design for TRN IMCLAP® shall enable consumers to control and monitor their home appliances remotely via smart devices. These smart devices shall interact with the home appliances through an embedded device and via an internet connection.

Features of TRN IMCLAP®:

  • Temperature control in an Air Conditioner
  • Motion Surveillance System for Home Security
  • Controlling Door Locking System with High Security
  • Control Pet Feeding & Coffeemaker
  • Control Light Bulbs in house & change the color of the lights
  • Remotely turn heater ON/OFF, vehicle
  • Act as a Universal Remote for Entertainment Systems

Mobile Application

The mobile application shall allow the user to add home appliances and control them from anywhere using the consumer’s home Wi-Fi network or mobile internet. The user can add multiple appliances on the mobile application.

    IMCLAP 3

      Embedded Device

      The embedded device acts as an intermediary between the Wi-Fi – Router and the Home Appliances. Our proprietary designed embedded device is Wi-Fi enabled. Once the device is connected with the router it is ready to send and receive data through Wi-Fi communications. Whenever the mobile application sends a data to the router, the router updates the status of the device to mobile application and vice versa.
      IMCLAP 4


      TRN IMCLAP® works with Android and iOS devices and can be operated from anywhere over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. We have developed a prototype of the product which we will be enhancing going forward.

      Please check out the video below

      Advantages of TRN IMCLAP®:

      An Intuitive and Intelligent system, which is easy to learn and easy to use.

      • Simplifying Home Security: TRN IMCLAP® alerts you and your family to dangerous situations and makes it difficult for intruders to enter your home
      • On-Premises Video Viewing and Recording: You can view your indoor or outdoor IP cameras around your home on the touchscreen, smartphones, tablets or televisions via TRN IMCLAP® as well as record videos providing you with visual verification of an alarm event or system activity
      • Home Control: Total, Seamless integration with lighting, heating/cooling, shade control, audio/video distribution camera systems, and doors
      • Energy Management: Reducing energy expenditures by utilizing temperature and humidity sensors for automating temperatures, water heaters, fountains, and pumps based on time or occupancy
      • Smart IR Remote App/Universal Remote: TRN IMCLAP® acts as a universal remote through which the smart TV appliances can be controlled

      TRN has the expertise to provide advantageous service to business entities the data analysis tool that will help them improve their strategy and deliver services optimally.

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