TRN EHealthRec

The new patient electronic health record system and the patient and employee portals will help to improve the quality of healthcare, while increasing the efficiency of the medical center’s operations. For example, the prescription and administration of medication will be turned into a digital process, which will enhance patient safety.

The objectives of TRN’s Software are as follows:

These flexible, easy-to-use solutions can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and they can be implemented incrementally depending on medical service provider needs. They include:

  • Provider Collaboration and Productivity
  • Provider Collaboration and Productivity
  • Provider Collaboration and Productivity

TRN’s new EHR Software will connect several medical services partners seamlessly. Patient data will be shared with safely and securely with insurance companies, labs and Pharmacies.

TRN’s Software creates scalable software products that can be customized to meet customer’s needs. TRN’s Software is unique in that it sells a product that can be used in any medical environment. The engineers can then add enhancement to the product that will tailor the product features to the customer’s specific needs.

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