TRN EContentPoint


While the functionality of SharePoint has increased, so has the number of partners offering add-on capabilities, creating complexity for users. The various components of the SharePoint environment do not always integrate as well as those of products from other established ECM suppliers. Many enterprises have numerous SharePoint deployments and team sites, whether intentional or a by-product of a weakly managed approach to servicing diverse user needs. As deployments and team sites mature, users will ask the IT organization to integrate their SharePoint applications with other applications, business processes, databases and content repositories. EContentPoint offers solutions to these problems by using customized templates for business needs; complexity of SharePoint is hidden from end-users and thus reduces the time for training and content deployment.

EContentPoint was built with following goals in mind

  • Increase satisfaction/decrease frustration among Sales and Marketing team in finding information online
  • Increase support to Sales team to allow them to service their clients in the most efficient way
  • Increase revenues and cross sell
  • Integrate various efforts so that we can leverage all content and repurpose it accordingly
  • Allow enterprises to improve cost efficiencies through consolidation and the removal of overlapping applications/functions
  • Reduce risk through the development of systems of records and associated work flows for maintaining critical data and materials

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