Embedded Software

Embedded1We also specialize in development of automated testing tools for hardware and software products and systems in the systems and embedded software space. Completing the entire ecosystem of embedded software services there is a verification and validation of products and systems for specification conformance, performance and inter-operability. Our host of embedded software services applies to Product Conceptualization and Development, Design Verification, Mass Production and Maintenance.


Quantitative Project Management Techniques which allows collection and use of schedule, effort and quality data at the end of every phase and project Phased approach using the concept of ‘Quality Control Gates Use of ‘S’ curve technique to ensure that adequate percentage of defects have been removed.

Best Practices

Experience in using JAD, RAD and prototyping techniques Cost effective model – effort to maximize output with ‘Extended Team’ approach. Evolutionary requirements & concurrent engineering management. Configuration management is done using Version Control tools like CVS, SVN, and VSS etc. Information Management: Process compliant document templates, Information Security and Knowledge Base Management

Automated Tools are used for improving the productivity and optimization of project development processes

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