TRN specializes in delivering enterprise class related to various industries …..

Banking & Financial Services

Banking & Financial Services practice at TRN Systems is built on the strength of four core competencies – Domain, Process, Technology and Innovation. The practice is boosted by a myriad of activities like Industry research & trends, tools evaluation, continuous process optimization, innovation leading to Intellectual Property, publishing white papers and capturing experiences in the form of best practices & case studies.


In today’s scenario, Insurers face issues like globalization, growing demand for web based services, regulatory demands, security threats and outsourcing. We understand the needs of the industry and offer Innovative Solutions which are unique, optimal and customer focused.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

TRN Systems Technologies helps healthcare and life sciences organizations to increase operational efficiencies, reduce administrative and delivery cost, and enhance patient health and wellness through patient-centric processes and inter-operable methods.

Energy & Utilities

Energy and Utilities practice of TRN Systems possesses deep domain expertise and exposure to Global Utility markets backed by extensive years of hands on experience in the Industry’s core technologies. E & U practice has participated in the regulation and deregulation journey of the energy markets and is actively assisting customers in achieving their goals and objectives.


TRN specializes in delivering enterprise class solution core to manufacturing and supply chain and around all related services which are extremely critical to make an IT enablement most effective as an end to end partner.


At TRN Systems we support retail organizations – traditional, eRetail or catalog – to achieve competitive advantages in their businesses through excellence in technology, process, industry insights and outsourcing modules. Our customized solutions covers every aspect of retail, be it merchandizing, store operations or customer relationship management.