Darshit Manvar Accounts Manager

Darshit is an Accounts Manager at TRN Systems Inc and manages a team of technical recruiters responsible for connecting with and delivering technical talent to the clients. He manages the fulfillment process from end to end and leads, mentors and coaches in the areas of sourcing, networking, etc. He has an excellent knowledge of changing and emerging Information Technology and Human Resource trends.

Darshit has earned his Bachelors in engineering from Drexel University. Darshit recognizes, achieves top superiority in IT talent and regulates the need with his clients.

Darshit single handedly manages the entire logistics at work place to keep the operation running smooth like a well-oiled machine and has often gone beyond the call of duty. He has won many accolades for his work at TRN Systems Inc. and carries a right balance of Intelligence, Empathy and focus on results.